Shipping Policy


All items will be shipped from Semarang, Indonesia  by UPS Mail Innovation and DHL Express. Service of Shipping us only using it for delivery shipment, the choise is for standard shipping we using UPS Main Innovation (only ship to United States), and using DHL Express if choose Express Shipping or ship to rest the world by our system is directly using DHL Express.

The estimate given by UPS export from Semarang Indonesia to UPS Warehouse in United States is 6-7 business days (not include Saturday and Sunday or holiday) and the estimate given by UPS Mail Innovation to distribute from UPS Warehouse in the United States to the buyer's address is 4-6 business days (not include Saturday and Sunday or holiday) total normal time for estimate delivery using UPS Mail Innovation is 7-14 business days

For the process of using DHL express is a premium delivery so from our company, we will send the order selected by the buyer by DHL express equipped with airwaybill from DHL express and each order for 1 address will be packed using standard packing from DHL express. The estimate given by DHL express from Semarang to address buyer from United States is 3 - 5 business days.

Calculated Shipping Cost

Our calculation of shipping costs is based on weight (kilograms), the weight of 1 case item and its packaging weighs 0.1 kg. UPS Mail Innovation costs delivery using a fixed shipping cost of $ 5.75 / item. if the buyer purchases 2 items, the buyer must pay the shipping cost twice the fixed shipping cost. For shipments using DHL Express weighs 1 item case along with standard packaging from DHL weighs 0.5 kg, DHL shipping costs using fixed shipping cost $ 17.50 / item

Processing Delivery

The delivery process using UPS is a feature that UPS has, namely UPS Mail Innovation. In the process we send all orders that have finished the production process collectively in 1 box using UPS Export, usually in 1 box containing 30 orders for 30 buyers or 30 addresses in the United States, the destination for sending UPS Export is to the UPS Warehouse with the address at Suite 100 3424 Freeman Road Fife, Washington DC 98424 US, each of these orders already has UPS mail innovation airwaybill. after arriving at the UPS warehouse, UPS will open the box and distribute all of our orders to the address listed on each of our orders.

after ship,we will update delivery information by filling in the Airwaybill on our website dashboard so that all our buyers will automatically receive email notifications about shipping information with Airwaybills. usually after 2-3 days after shipped.

Shipping using DHL Express is intended for buyers who choose express delivery and buy more than 2-4 pieces (we provide premium service using DHL Express because they buy more than 2-4 pieces) and if you buy more than 5 pieces we will send using DHL Express too no shipping cost (free shipping) and for buyers from countries other than United States automatically on our website will only appear shipments using DHL Express.