Privacy policy

Collecting Buyer Information Data

When a buyer visits our website, we collect data about the buyer's device that is used when visiting our website, the buyer's activity when visiting our website as well as data on potential buyers during the purchase process both at checkout until the payment process is complete. In this Privacy Policy, we concentrate on information concerning data from prospective buyers as "Buyer Information Data". We will explain the Buyer Information Data below.

Data regarding buyer's device   

What is data about the buyer's device are a web browser, what products you see, and through what sites the buyer can find out about our website   

The purpose of collecting this data is to analyze the performance of our website, analyze the habits of buyers when they want to buy products, as a database for re-marketing or re-targeting in our website ads optimization process.   

We collect this data automatically when the buyer visits our website to carry out the checkout process or to complete the purchase process.

    Sales Data    

    Sales data collected is the buyer's name, shipping address, billing address if different from the shipping address, payment data used such as credit card numbers or paypal accounts   

    We use this data to fulfill buyer's purchases, provide buyer invoices or ordering information, for communication media between us and buyers, to filter our orders from all forms of fraud or payments that are indicated as fraud and to notify buyers of our newest products as wrong. one way to advertise our website

    Share Buyer Information Data 

    We provide buyer information data to our website providers, in this case Shopify. We use the services of shopify to empower our online store, so we automatically provide buyer information data to shopify which is intended for shopify as the shopify database.


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