About Us

Welcome to Groomynight

We're big believers in self-expression, so we wanted to embody just that for the dreamers and playmakers who settle for nothing less than the best for their phone cases!
Our Mission
Our mission is creativity; we’re always looking to fine-tune our technology, create new products and experiment with new case materials.
Our artistic community includes some of the world’s most exciting award winning and up and coming artists. So we hope you’ll take your creativity to the edge too.
Honestly, we don’t even care if you walk away without a custom case, if you got a kick out of playing with the possibilities, then we’re on the right track.
Sometimes the simplest design is often the hardest. But in this case, the Groomynight's team didn't have to say it--we knew this is what we ultimately all wanted, regardless of how hard this was going to be. We spent many hours distilling designs down to their simplest forms. Hundreds of design concepts edited down to just a few directions.