Our Product

The products from Case Republica are of good quality and very good, making your gadget phone look perfect, elegance and unique. Our product such as made for iPhone , Samsung , LG , Motorola , Google Pixel .We always prioritize quality for the satisfaction of each of our customers. We always maintain and control the quality of every stage of the process starting from the selection of raw materials such as plate metal as sublimation printing media, printing inks, sublimation paper as a media for transferring images to be printed on metal plates, sublimation printers and heat press machines. In this stage of selecting raw materials we have human resources who are experts in this field, it is hoped that with a process like this stage we can get raw materials of the highest quality and best. after the raw material selection stage, is the pre-printing stage. In this pre-print stage, what is done is to prepare all the printing needs, to ensure that all the needs and the media are met and still fit for use. at this stage we also place experts in the pre-printing process. after the pre-print process it goes into the printing process. this process is to print a phone case with an image that our customer has chosen as desired. This processing is carried out with the best quality standards and is supervised by the quality control manager in order to get the best quality results. The quality control manager is responsible for all product printing activities. after all orders are printed and have passed the quality control process, it will enter the selection process. This process aims to select the phone case variants of each of our customers so that there are no errors in sending items that do not match our customer's gadget phone. After this process is complete, the packaging and shipping process is prepared, the packaging uses the appropriate quality standards from our Shipping Services and we have packaging that can protect the goods in the packaging safe from all collisions and damage caused in the process of shipping goods. with stages and processes that always go through quality control, it makes our customers get the best products our customers have had before and makes our website a trusted and known company that puts forward the quality of its products.